5 Recipes to Make Your July 4 Shine A Little Brighter


14-USH-Memes-June-1916Each month brings something to celebrate, and this one is no exception. Not only does July mark the date of our nation’s birth, it also marks the birthday of an all-American fruit. Blueberries, one of the first truly American fruits, have been a beloved berry since they were first brought from farm to table 98 years ago, to now, when nearly 70% of U.S. households purchase blueberries each month.

More and more of you are discovering the big benefits that come with these little blue dynamos — and we think that’s something to celebrate.

So, to show our appreciation for all the love you show us, here are a few recipes to make your July 4 celebration shine a little brighter:

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We can’t wait to celebrate with you!