7 Ways to Get Fit with the Fam – No Time Added


Spring has sprung and summer will soon be here. Besides the warm weather and beautiful flowers blooming in your garden, May is also National Physical Fitness Month – a good time to think about little changes you can pass on to your family to stay fit, together.

We know what you’re thinking now (“Right, like I really have time for this”), but it doesn’t have to be a burden if you approach it right.

Plus, whether it’s putting a rinsed bowl of blueberries out as a snack, or taking a stroll around the block after dinner, changes made together are easier (and more fun!).

We’ve got some tips we think you’ll love:

OurLittleChanges Family

Such a simple idea, but having your kids join in on the meal prep will help them learn about healthy eating and ensure they actually eat what’s on their plates!



What to make? Try blueberry turkey burgers. It’s better for you but doesn’t lose the taste you’re looking for in a burger. Bonus: the kids will love dipping it in this blueberry ketchup.


OurLittleChanges Family

Spend a Saturday morning walking or biking to your local farmer’s market to buy all the fresh fruit and veggies your heart desires. You’ll get exercise, knock out grocery shopping and feel good about the items you put in your fridge when you get home. Make it a special treat and let the kids pick out a new fruit or veggie to try.


OurLittleChanges Family

Get in a little cardio and help the community all while enjoying some family bonding.


OurLittleChanges Family

Distract the kids from fighting over the iPad by starting an activity brainstorm to come up with fun little things the family can do to get outside and stay moving during the week.


OurLittleChanges Family

Have a favorite show you just can’t resist watching? Use those boring commercial breaks or press pause on a particularly tense moment to get active – do some jumping jacks, stretch or have a family dance party!


OurLittleChanges Ali Sweeney

When in doubt, take a tip from a celeb! Ali’s favorite way to get everyone eating better – just keep fruit in easy to reach places.


What are your plans for making little changes together this season? Share your fave ideas using the hashtag #ourlittlechanges and find more inspiration at littlebluedynamos.com/ourlittlechanges.