How to Curb the Chaos this Thanksgiving Morning


The last thing you need to think about on Thanksgiving Day is figuring out what to make for breakfast, much less figuring out a nutritious and delicious breakfast that everyone will enjoy.

Days before the turkey even hits the oven, consider making some of these mouthwatering breakfast treats that can easily be stored in the fridge or freezer and warmed up on Thanksgiving Day, making your day a little less chaotic and keeping your guests satisfied until the main course begins.

  • Satisfy everyone’s pumpkin cravings with these savory pumpkin blueberry scones. Rich, HERO IMAGE PumpkinScones Top Viewearthy pumpkin and tangy-sweet blueberries are tied together with aromatic spices, making them an unlikely delight. Or, if you’re looking for a lighter option, try these blueberry cheddar gluten-free scones.
  • No Thanksgiving is complete without a loaf (or two!) of pumpkin bread. This year, spice up your traditional loaf with a handful of blueberries and serve it in the morning. We bet you’ll find guests sneaking bites all day long.
  • For an easy, pop-able breakfast option, make some blueberry mini muffins. To keep the blueberries evenly distributed within the mix, check out some of our simple tips for baking with blueberries.
  • Combine all the delicious flavors of fall in this blueberry maple breakfast bake, perfect for a buffet-style breakfast.bc-42-blueberry-breakfast-parfait-200x200
  • No time to bake? No worries! Set up a station for everyone to create their own parfait. With only a few ingredients, it’s quick and easy to prepare and your guests will love the lightness of the meal on a day when meals are anything but!


How are you prepping for Thanksgiving Day breakfast? Share your ideas and cozy morning pics in the comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.