Make Little Changes with Cheerios & Blueberries


Finally, the season of sunshine and sizzling snacks is here, but that also means it’s time to start thinking about pulling on your swim suit and splashing around at the pool or beach. While we may not all have stuck to our lofty New Year’s Resolutions, there’s still time to make little changes all summer long that will  have you feeling energized and ready to take on the heat.

Add some color to your breakfast.

How many of us can say we actually get the recommended servings of fruit per day, even in the summer? Throw a handful of blueberries in your Cheerios each morning to get more fiber and start your day with a healthy burst of delicious flavor. There are plenty of cereals out there, but there’s something sweet about this oat and blueberry pair.


Take ‘em to go.

Between swim practice and piano lessons, we know you’re on the move. The simple solution? Roll with it and pack snacks that require no prep, but are still fresh and delicious. Cheerios and blueberries couldn’t be easier tossed into a bag or our favorite – a mason jar!

Change the way you think of dessert.

After dinner, you and your family may be quick to snag a sweet snack like ice cream or pie. Why not grab a bowl of Cheerios with some blueberries? Grabbing them out of the carton or box isn’t bad either. It’s redefining what is considered “dessert.” Also, most overeating is done in front of the TV, so spend some time together catching up on your day vs. in front of the tube.

Even little changes can take a little extra motivation, especially during the summer. For more tips, recipes and healthy inspirational quotes, take a look at our downloadable little changes calendar. Share your own summertime little changes and success stories with us in the comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And if you grab some blueberries and Cheerios, snap a photo and tag us!

Photo Courtesy: The Rebel Chick