Meet the 2021 Blue Crew – New Tips and Recipes Ahead!


Love blueberries? We do, too. They’re delicious, nutritious, and oh-so-versatile. If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy fresh, frozen, and dried blueberries, we have you covered. Cue the Blue Crew. These six registered dietitians and health professional ambassadors are harvesting new, blueberry-inspired blog posts, videos, social content, and recipes – just for you. Read on to learn more about each ambassador and get a taste of their favorite blueberry memories.


Kristamarie Collman, MD

Dr. Kristamarie

Dr. Kristamarie is a double board-certified, Family Medicine physician, and author of “Glow Up Your Life: The Rx for Looking and Feeling Good from the Inside Out.” Leveraging her professional background in medicine paired with a natural flair for beauty and style, Dr. Kristamarie takes a holistic approach in helping women to enhance their lives while feeling empowered about their health. She is currently the founder and CEO at Prōse Medical and Wellness, a solo practice in Orlando, Florida offering comprehensive primary care and wellness services.

Beyond the doctor’s office, Dr. Kristamarie is a vivacious social media influencer and content creator that has captured the hearts of thousands around the country with her inspirations pep talks, wellness, and beauty advice. In addition, she is the co-founder of Young Ladies Watching, a non-profit organization empowering underrepresented women pursuing healthcare-related careers.

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  • Favorite Blueberry Memory: “As a child, I often enjoyed making blueberry muffins with my parents on the weekends. I remember tossing fresh blueberries into the batter and enjoying warm and delicious muffins!”


Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN

Maya FellerMaya is a registered dietitian nutritionist and nationally recognized nutrition expert. In her practice, she provides medical nutrition therapy for the management of and risk reduction of non-communicable diseases. Whether addressing the nation or working one on one and with groups, Maya believes in providing nutrition education from an antibias patient-centered, culturally sensitive approach, and is dedicated to promoting nutrition education that helps the public to make informed food choices that support health and longevity. She’s also the national nutrition expert on Good Morning America, GMA3: What You Need to Know and more, and author of “The Southern Comfort Food Diabetes Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes for a Healthy Life.”

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  • Favorite Blueberry Memory: “My earliest blueberry memory is actually picking them as a kid and never making it back with a full basket because I would eat them all! I’m pretty sure they were put into pancakes with nuts and topped with yogurt and maple syrup.”

Andrea Mathis, MA, RDN, LD

Andrea Mathis

Andrea is an Alabama-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and owner of the healthy food blogs, Beautiful Eats & Things, and Little Eats & Things. After completing her graduate studies at the University of Alabama, Andrea worked in several different healthcare settings including clinical, public health, and long-term care. Andrea believes in achieving optimal health by incorporating healthier eating habits into your lifestyle and making healthy eating fun! When she’s not running after her two toddlers, she enjoys creating content to encourage self-love and promote body positivity.

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  • Favorite Blueberry Memory: “Making blueberry pancakes with my mom, every weekend! They were so good and I always looked forward to spending that time with her. Nowadays, I let my boys help me make blueberry pancakes on the weekends!”


Maggie Michalczyk, RDN

Maggie is a Chicago-based registered dietitian who specializes in millennial nutrition with a focus on helping women feel confident in their food choices, having less stress around healthy eating and loving their bodies. Through her blog and Instagram Maggie strives to demonstrates that healthy choices can be just as fun as they are nutritious. Maggie is a nationally recognized dietitian featured on, mindbodygreen, Women’s Health and more. When she’s not baking up something delicious, Maggie loves exploring the food and fitness scene in Chicago and walking her dog, Pumpkin.

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  • Favorite Blueberry Memory: “My favorite blueberry memory is picking blueberries every summer with my family in Michigan! I remember the bushes were taller than me and we would fill our buckets to the brim. The best part was making blueberry muffins, cake, and pierogi when we got home.”


Lisa Mosconi, PhD

Lisa MosconiDr. Mosconi is the Director of the Women’s Brain Initiative and Associate Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, where she serves as an Associate Professor of Neuroscience in Neurology and Radiology. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the Department of Psychiatry at New York University (NYU) School of Medicine, and the Department of Nutrition at NYU Steinhardt School of Nutrition and Public Health. Dr. Mosconi is passionately interested in how risk of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease can be mitigated, if not prevented, through the combination of appropriate medical care and lifestyle modifications involving diet, nutrition, physical and intellectual fitness. She has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in prestigious medical journals and her work has been presented at over 80 international conferences.

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  • Favorite Blueberry Memory: “My favorite blueberry memory is definitely blueberry picking in the summer. When I was little, my parents, grandparents, family friends, and I used to go hiking all together on the hills around Florence (Italy). My friends and I would bring little wicker baskets with us and fill them with blueberries that just seemed to pop everywhere those days, and stuff ourselves silly while chasing after fireflies and singing to the top of our voices. My mom was never able to make blueberry marmellata (preserve) because we’d just eat them all on the way back. :)”


Mary Ellen Phipps, MPH, RDN, LD

Mary Ellen PhippsMary Ellen is a Houston-based registered dietitian, blogger and cookbook author. As a person living with type 1 diabetes, she knows firsthand the impact food has on how we think, feel, act and move. She strives to make food easy and fun again for people with all types of diabetes and other chronic health conditions, and uses both her professional expertise and personal experience to reduce stress and fear around food, and help people find joy in the kitchen again. You can catch Mary Ellen on Houston-area TV stations sharing helpful nutrition tips, news and recipes. She is also a contributing writer, recipe developer and content expert for several leading health and wellness organizations. Check out her cookbook, “The Easy Diabetes Cookbook,” anywhere books are sold!

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  • Favorite Blueberry Memory: “Taking my girls (6 & 7 years old) blueberry picking in the spring at some of the farms outside of Houston!”