In the Garden

You may have a green thumb, but the real question is … do you have a blue thumb? If you’re preparing to embark on a backyard blueberry adventure, we’re here to help. You’ll find all kinds of information and advice on how to plant, grow, prune and pick your own blueberries, adding a boost of blue right outside your door.


Planting Blueberries

Did you know there are many varieties of highbush blueberries? To get your best boost of blue, you need to pick the right variety and set it up to thrive. Let us walk you step by step through the blueberry planting process.

Growing Blueberries

Tending to your blueberry bushes takes time and care … which will all totally be worth it when you begin picking those ripe, juicy blueberries right off the bush. Learn more how to care for your blueberries – and discover all the delicious ways you can grab a boost of blue when they’re ready!