About Blueberries

Simple, healthy and delicious, blueberries are native to North America and enjoyed around the world. They are produced by domestic and international farmers who have a passion for growing the most delicious and high-quality blueberries. They come in many forms – including fresh, frozen, dried and canned – creating endless possibilities! All year round, wherever you are, you can make any day better with a boost of blue.


It’s Always Blueberry Season

Today, you can enjoy blueberries year-round! Production from our growers in North and South America makes it possible for you to get your boost of blue anytime of year.

Blueberries on the Map

Blueberries are an international superstar, and here in the U.S., they’re grown with care from coast to coast. You can even plant a blueberry bush in your backyard! Don’t worry, though – with blueberry farms in 38 states, you don’t need a green thumb to get a boost of blue.

A Guide to Harvesting Blueberries

Grabbing a boost of blue is one of life’s biggest small pleasures, giving a lift to the mind and body. For many blueberry fans, the delicious, nutritious fun starts at the store or in the kitchen … but, if you’ve got the right soil and some TLC to spare, you can bring the blueberry party to your own backyard. 

Learn About Blueberries’ Roots

While blueberries have been making life in North America more delicious for 13,000 years, they really took off in the last century. Our favorite berry has a fascinating story, from the industry-leading work of Elizabeth White in the 1910s to the introduction of the blueberry emoji in 2020. 

What’s Your Favorite Form?

It’s an easy answer: blueberries are simple, healthy and delicious in every form! Fresh and frozen, canned and dried, juice and puree – with so much variety, you can always find a boost of blue to meet your kitchen needs.