Blueberry Candy Leather

Blueberry Candy Leather

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Prep Time: 8 hours
Portions: Three 10-inch sheets
Order ingredients from blueberries - U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council


  • 6 oz (170g) fresh blueberries


  1. Process the blueberries until completely smooth in a high-speed blender. Allow the purée to warm up slightly in the blender as it processes. This will support the final texture in the leather.
  2. Transfer 2 oz portions of the purée to the dehydrator sheets or film. Spread the sheets about as thin as you can making sure most importantly, it is an even depth.
  3. Dehydrate the sheets at 105ºF until fully dried. Store with desiccant packs if possible. In a resealable container or in the dehydrator itself until ready to use.

Recipe Tip

Add your Blueberry Candy Leather as a beautiful, artistic garnish on top of a classic cake and scoop of ice cream.


About This Recipe

Explore natural pectin with cellulose that is already present in blueberries. The blueberry is a perfect package for creating sturdy dehydrated leather without needing to add anything. You can dehydrate this purée fully to create a crisp delicate wafer versatile in application from salads to desserts.

Recipe created by Chef Jamie Simpson, The Culinary Vegetable Institute

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