Grab a Boost of Blue

You deserve a boost. More than one, actually: boosts of flavor, health and even smiles. Blueberries bring it all in one delicious handful. Check out these blueberry ideas and inspiration and grab your boost of blue!


Blueberries are the Official Fruit of Major League Pickleball

Grab a Boost of Blue to fuel your healthy and active lifestyle. Tune in to catch us throughout the 2024 MLP season!

Crave-able Recipe Inspiration

Satisfying, Flavor-packed Boosts

Blueberries are simple, delicious and packed with reassurances. You know you’re doing something right in every bite – for your mind, your body and your tastebuds.

Simple Hacks to Grab a Boost of Blue

Want more tasty tips?

With blueberries, your possibilities are endless. Explore and enjoy each boost of blue!

No-stress Nutrition Boosts

Ready to feel good, inside and out? Blueberries are healthy and contain nutrients like fiber and vitamin C that can give you a lift all day long. Just rinse and enjoy!


Top 10 Blueberry Recipes of 2023


Blueberry Baked Brie Cups


Are Blueberries Good for People with Diabetes? 7 Recipes that Say Yes


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