6 Halloween Recipe Ideas for DIYers


Every year, Halloween sparks a new level of creativity and craftiness, from clever costumes to eye-popping treats. We’ll let you handle the sewing and gluing, but in the kitchen, we’ve got you! Blueberries add a fun pop of color and nutrition, whether you’re grabbing a handful to snack on or decorating a delicacy.

Read on for 6 DIY Halloween recipe ideas, plus more blueberry ideas and inspiration to last you through spooky season. You’ll love these BOOsts of blue!

Start Simple – Easy DIY Halloween Ideas

Blueberries pair perfectly with all the flavors of fall, including caramel, maple and ginger – not to mention pumpkin and all its spices (hello, cinnamon and nutmeg). We’re truly living our best lives in this season! Of course, around Halloween, it’s fun to add a little extra flair for your ghouls and goblins of all ages. Even if you’re short on time, you can make any meal or snack a little more fun with a boost of blue.

  • Topping breakfast with a dollop of Greek yogurt or a dessert with whipped cream? Add blueberry eyes to make yummy little ghosts.
  • Mix smashed blueberries or blueberry puree into a beverage – sparkling water, smoothies or even milk – and call it monster juice. (Big monsters might like something stronger.)
  • Let the kids play with their food before they eat, just this once, to make witches hats, pumpkins and other seasonal shapes.

Halloween Breakfast Recipe

You don’t have to go full creepy-crawly first thing in the morning to enjoy Halloween breakfast recipes! Start your day with some pretty, lightly themed deliciousness, like the Spooky Blueberry Smoothie Bowl.

Spooky Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

In the Hallo-season, a Spooky Blueberry Smoothie Bowl might just be the most fun you can have at breakfast. It starts like your standard smoothie: a blend of frozen blueberries, bananas, spinach, plain Greek yogurt and maple syrup. But once you divide into bowls, it’s time to summon your inner artist. Plain yogurt piped on top becomes spiderwebs – and fresh blueberries, kiwi slices, chia seeds, shredded coconut and toy spiders serve as garnish to set the scene. Enjoy assembling … and the “fruits” of your labor!

Easy Halloween Snack Idea

Starting November 1st, a lot of snacks will be comprised of candy, candy and more candy. Until then, try easy Halloween snack ideas like Mini Blueberry Mummy Muffins – also perfect for breakfast or dessert!

Mini Blueberry Mummy Muffins

Warning: one look at these Blueberry Mini Mummy Muffins, and your little monsters might come unraveled. The yummy mini muffins are packed with flavor and sweetened by blueberries, maple syrup and vanilla. But the real fun is in the decorating: “mummy bandages” made of vanilla frosting and blueberry eyes. Fun to say and fun to eat, Blueberry Mini Mummy Muffins will be the talk of your Halloween party – or breakfast table.

Easy Halloween Drink for Adults

Get everyone in on the holiday fun with tasty, easy Halloween drinks for adults. We love a themed cocktail! Low-Sugar BOO-Berry Margaritas bring a summertime staple firmly into fall with a boost of blue.

Low-Sugar BOO-Berry Margaritas

Who says kids get to have all the fun on Halloween? Get ready to grab a bOoOst of blue with these tasty, lightened-up Boo-Berry Margaritas. Blueberry juice adds delicious, sweet-tart flavor and a naturally dark and spooky haunting hue. Serve up to a party of your favorite ghosts and ghouls or enjoy after a night of trick or treating!

Spooky Cocktail Recipe

Now, for the ultimate in spooky cocktail recipes, try the Blueberry Witch’s Potion for your Halloween gathering (or as a post-trick-or-treating treat). Think delicious blueberry flavor with otherworldly vibes.

Blueberry Witch’s Potion

Halloween calls for brewing up something extra-spooky – but this Blueberry Witch’s Potion is only for the big witches and wizards. It’s a simple but oh-so-tasty cocktail; just combine blueberry juice, orange juice, vodka, blue curacao and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and shake until chilled. Skewer some fresh blueberries as a garnish, and you’re all set. If you really want to impress your coven, use powdered dry ice to create an eerie fog!

DIY Halloween Dessert

Get the camera ready – the Blueberry Brain Freeze is highly photogenic and adorably creepy in addition to just plain yummy. If you’re a connoisseur of DIY Halloween desserts, this is a must-try treat!

Blueberry Brain Freeze

Scare up a little boo-berry fun this Halloween! This deliciously spooky Blueberry Brain Freeze is an easy, no-churn, blueberry frozen yogurt that’s poured into silicone brain molds and served in chocolate sugar cones. Top it off with a drizzle of blueberry syrup for a ghoulishly great way to bring a boost of blue to Halloween!.

No Bake Halloween Dessert

Why fire up the oven when you could make yummy Blueberry Candy Corn Treats? One of our favorite no bake Halloween desserts, these are picture-ready, party-perfect and packed with a boost of blue!

Blueberry Candy Corn Treats

No tricks here, just Blueberry Candy Corn Treats! These crispy rice treats are studded with dried blueberries and cut into classic candy corn shapes. Blueberry simple syrup naturally colors (and flavors) five shades of blueberry icing to create a unique candy corn look. These treats are a perfect way to add a boost of blue to your spooky Halloween spread!

Scare Up Some Blueberry Inspiration Any Time

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